Monday, April 26, 2010

lee hyori , h-logic

hey there, we meet again ..woot woot !
well the title say it all, i want to share with you guys about the latest album of Lee Hyori, h-logic. Eventhough i'm not a big fan of lee hyori, well i'm pretty amaze with her new concept of her album. i must say the art maybe? she look definitely cool , gorgoues?ok maybe it is not the right word, but she look so unique and creative also! who can leave the word sexy to hyori?she's sexy in this album to. kudos to the person who were responsible in creating and designing her image for the album art , she look different in each of her song in the album . well here are some of her look in it .take a sneak peak yeah. credit to Eiffel in Seoul for the photo.

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