Sunday, August 1, 2010

Hold it or just let go ?

Hi people .

Hold it or just let go?

Kalau kita ada relationship tapi seems that it won't work would u still be hold ? It is hard to tell kan ? We are growns up, not that pre-school kids anymore. boleh pikir kan ? I'm not telling other people 'ceritera cinta' but this is randomly spoken. Being hurt everyday, being cheated continuosly it is so obvious that you should just let go . Mempertahankan cerita cinta yang memang dah pasti tak kemana, bodoh kan ? okey okey orang kata memang love is stupid, love is blind tapi kau boleh pikir kan ? okey aku ego pulak, aku pun tahu the previous relationship i had pun tak menjadi . hmm habis tu memang dah tak boleh nak tahan apa lagi ? asyik menangis sebab being hurt, aku memang bukan yang sabar . sebab tak sabar lah aku let go.

the life must be go on, even if you don't have one pun bukan that love who going to feed you anyway . Cuba lah pikir kau nak pergi holiday its not him who going to give you the money . you should just go, do it ! bukan dengar apa dia cakap itu tak boleh ini tak boleh at last dia sakitkan hati kau jugak. I know how it feels, so it hurt me so damn much seeing my friends being hurt by their love ones, emm the say their loved ones, hmm tapi entah lah .I love my boyfriends and girlfriends so much okeyh.

I know in relationship there's always the upside down, tapi kalau dah like everytime pun menyakitkan hati does it worth to you ? hmm you guys can think right ? selagi boleh bertahan and you have the reasons to do so, do it. if not alah lepaskan aja. kalau memang jodoh kau it won't go anywhere lah or not he might not be the one yet.I always believed yang there will be someone for us but who,when and why i won't questioned it until i know he's the one . Berdoa supaya Allah berikan kita jodoh yang baik . Inshaallah .

If it hurts any of you by reading the post, I'm sorry . It is just what i think and i want to share it. It's my blog anyway.

Minggu lepas, my boyfriends back in Segamat came . They put a smile on my face on that weekend . ohh how i miss u guys :(

babai people :)

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