Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Untuk merdeka itu

hai semua .

hari ini 31 ogos 2010. selamat hari kemerdekaan yang ke 53 Malaysia. I love you ;)
Juga dah 21 hari puasa . selamat hari raya korang .

Nothing much happen today in my life, except for I have language class early this morning while everyone is enjoying their merdeka leave . sungguh tak merdeka ! haihh . Ohh lupa pulak cerita cinta Firas Ali dan Adrianna dah berakhir semalam dan habis seperti kisah dongeng dengan 'they live happily ever after' . Bila pula cerita I nak tamat sebegitu ?

I think I no longer have the strenght, the part of it . I do not know what happen but I may have lost it or it goes away or I missed it or I just don't know where it goes . But I do know something, I am a person who is easily get attached to a person, I enjoy the time when we together, no matter how long it were and when we can't really get along anymore I will let go. Alhamdullillah it has been easy on me to let go, to forgive and to move forwards . Sometimes I do regrets but it refresh me, it knocks me , it awakes me from doing the same mistakes ever . The last time was 2 years ago when I was so damn in love. Recently?na ahh, the feeling isn't come easily. It is now so unhearted .

I went to segamat last week, It was so wrong timing, they were so busy with classes and test . But atleast I get to meet them except for Dila . hmm . I enjoy the moment, and right now I miss them . Thankz for 'melayan' me especially to eta, ekin, alem and suki :) . ohh credit to Azizan Hariz for the nicely edited picture .
p/s : sori u i curik kat fb :P

Post kali ni entry campur-campur tunjuk mixed feelings tak tentu arah sikit . selamat berpuasa untuk 9 hari yang tinggal ini .
babai semua.

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