Friday, December 24, 2010

Khuntoria love

Hello people.

I notice few peoples are hittin on my page because of my 'WGM-Khuntoria edition' post . I bet you are searching on the news of the Khuntoria couple aite? So here are few info regarding their episodes. Every saturday, on 5.15pm korean time, the 'We got married show' will be shown on MBC Korea tv channel . Go find out the time difference in your country ^_^

I always watch their episodes after it already broadcast on the tv usually it will be post by the fans on the Youtube, without the subtitles. I'll be watching it eventhough there's no subs because I just can't wait to know whats happening on the show every week, especially on my bias Khuntoria couple . You just need to wait for 2 to 3 days when it will be subs by the fans . They usually have their own profile on the Youtube or on the Dailymotion . However you cannot easily search for it, but you can search for the link on the fanpage of the couple, such as their Tumblr page . As you'll know Khuntoria have many fans and it goes by the name of 'Khuntoria cafe'.

If you want to know about their latest information, either Nickhun or Victoria they have their fanpage called Khuntorialurve . This is the international fanpage. They provides you the latest info in English, so you could easily understand . They also gives out the Khuntoria episodes that have been subs, but its best if you did not take out or re-post it without giving any proper credit to the owner . That's why I never posted any episodes with subs eventhough I want to share with all of you .

So its better if I just share with you guys the international Khutoria page . I heard that they already have 1000 followers including me ! congrats guys ! but i'm kind of promoting their tumblr aite ? It's ok because I'm also promoting the Khuntoria couples ! here are the page :

Go check them out okey?! don't forget to go to my tumblr too okeyh ? !! Its Christmas surprise special tomorrow on WGM . omo I'm excited ! :)

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