Friday, September 24, 2010

We Got Married-Vickhun/Khuntoria Edition

Say helo to all the k-pop fanatics ! lama betol tak update pasal k-pop.ehe . tadi I tengok we got married the nickhun and victoria couple . best best ! wehee. They look so cute together okeyh ! envious nih ! ahai .

nickhun ( 2pm)

victoria f(x)

the couple

For those who does not know about this programme, its about the korean new sensational idol who will be couple among them and they act as if they are new married couple.It is some kind of act lah, but its fun seeing this couple enjoying their time and activities together. Furthermore nickhun is so funny. Victoria on the other side is for real cute and charming ladies . FYI both of them are foreigners! nickhun is from thailand, and victoria is from china, however they can speak hangul and english very well . Its fun seeing them , seriously ! I know i am so cheesy now, ahh who cares.

p/s : 2ne1 have made their comeback, and it was awesome guys ! agree kan ? ;)

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